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Best recommended tools for online business

In this article, we are going to discuss the best recommended tools for online business. The world today has spurred an uptick in online business activities considering the need for time. Everyone is looking for a competitive edge and strategies to make their leg up in the world of; online business because of its Plethora of benefits.

It gives you a golden chance to avail yourself of an opportunity; of interacting with people; throughout the world within seconds, saving your ever-flying time, saving money, getting more income output from less input, visiting products of your demand online instead of the hectic task of physical visiting and eventually outsourcing people of your choice.
Well! to enjoy the endless benefits of online business, you should be aware of your right hands and must-haves in the form of tools. So, here we have enlisted the best-recommended tools for online business.

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Tools for online business :


WordPress in free tools for online business that you can’t avoid. WordPress powers one-third of the best websites serving small bloggers to complex websites and making its roots deep down in the online business world over time. WordPress is the only website builder and website content manager that can be downloaded and installed free of cost. It comes with numerous add-ons with different functionalities depending on the needs of users.

Starting from online content publishing to running a complex multinational corporation, handling eCommerce, and showcasing and handling it provides all the benefits. Thanks to its different plugins, themes, and simple dashboard. That handles all the things instead of the hectic task of personal management.

All you need to enjoy its feature includes taking its hosting and domain. Its layout, customizing site heading, and dashboard are simple. That guides you step by step on how to rank your content and how to make it SEO-optimized. So wordpress is the most important tools for online business.

Shopify :

Shopify is an online commerce store that allows you to run your online business store and sell your items or products. You can also sell your products in person by using Shopify POS. It helps you sell your products online, in the form of a store, and even offline.
You can sell your products like jewelry, shoes, clothes, utensils, and everything in a handy way, if you have access to Shopify.
It helps you to sell physical products, digital products, services, and consultations, and you can get things for rent too.
Thousands of entrepreneurs trust Shopify because of its handy way of working that’s why we keep Shopify also in the list of tools for online business.


It is not something that popped up overnight in the list of tools for online business. That is not something about which you should think and wait. It is claimed by over 12 million people, that it is one of the best email marketing tools. It assists you in getting your feet wet in the freelancer.

Why use Mailchimp?

  • For growing and maintaining email lists
  • Self-service support options
  • Its customize features ( landing page, newsletter campaigns, and automatic syncing emails)
  • Free plan for people; who have less than 20000 subscribers or who do not send more than 12,000emails per month. Incredible!

Getresponse :

Getresponse is the best email marketing tools for online businesses. It helps you to reach your audience and customers more concisely. It provides users with more automation and a landing page, keeping them away from wasting time. It helps to improve your revenue, selling products, and customer experience.

Why use Get response:

⦁ Its offers A/B testing.
⦁ It has launched Webinar hosting for users on its platform. It has an integrated CRM feature for managing, exporting, and importing all data in one place.
⦁ It offers a free plan for a trial that has limited features. To enjoy its unlimited features, you have to move towards its paid Plans; Basic, Pro, and Premium’ ranging from 15$ to 69$.

Hootsuite :

Hootsuite helps you in the advance scheduling of posts. It also gives you a chance; to get an idea of influencers of your marketing team and leads the sale team, replying to the comments without visiting individual platforms.
It allows you to schedule a post for 30 different platforms in advance. Imagine if you have to do it individually without a central dashboard, it will be enough to perplex even the most talented and experienced entrepreneur.

Hubspot :

It is one of the best tools in the field of CRM, sales, and marketing. It brings your entire marketing into a funnel, either grabbing visitors or closing customers. It helps you blogging SEO, call to action, website handling and management, marketing automation, analytics, team management, and email management.

Hubspot is one of the best tools used in online business. It will help you in all directions and save you time and energy. With the help of this one platform freelancers; can create cool content, schedule posts, and measure ROI.
Its CRM is free and, for sales, service, and marketing Hub you, have to move toward paid plans that start from 50$ per month.

Copyscape :

Your content is your property, and someone else content is his property. Other people have no right to steal it from you; similarly, you have no right to steal it from others.

But it is also a fact that everyone is not a Newton or Einstein in every field so, we need to look at others’ content to get an idea about anything we want to write on or summarize. But sometimes, if you are thinking or writing some words. It does not mean that any other person in the world can not think or write like you. So we have to face plagiarism problems. Uploading plagiarised content is a crime.

Crime apart, it can lead to the blocking of your site. So, to get rid of all of these headaches, Copyscape can help you. It plagiarism checking tool and, you have to buy it.

Google Drive / Dropbox :

Thanks to google for this best tool. The interesting aspect is you do not have to pay for it. It helps you send different documents, files, books, audios, and videos to your business partner without using their email account and contact number.
What you have to do to avail it, uploads a video, audio, or any file in google derive, create its link, and send that link to the targeted person.

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Similarly, DropBox is an online storage service that allows you to save your documents on your device, and you can generate links and send them to others. In its free version, 5 GB of storage is available.

Here want to discuss some pros and cons of recommended tools for online business:

Now we will discuss about the tools for online business pros and Cons :

There are some pros and cons are there for the recommended tools for online business. we will discuss about it below :


⦁ Simplicity
⦁ Perfection to a great extent
⦁ Professional look
⦁ Time-saving


⦁ Limited advantages for free users
⦁ High paid plans
⦁ Sometimes with a little mistake or because of a single click, you have to suffer loss.
⦁ They can not give you an idea about how to start your business from scratch.
⦁ These are tough to handle for newbies.


These recommended tools for online business are the pillars of online business. Depending on the choice of your business, so you can use any of these best-recomended tools for online business if you want.

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