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The Complete Appsumo Review: Pros, Cons, and Everything In 1.

Appsumo Review :

If you belong to an online business, you must have wondered about What, Why, and How type Questions related to AppSumo. OR probably, if you are already familiar with AppSumo then, maybe your greatest confusion is, is it legit or not? i will write a complete Appsumo review Should I prefer deals or not?

Because in the online world, it seems a daunting task to be aware of scammers.
So, today we are here to eradicate all; confusion related to AppSumo. We will provide you with some basic how-know related to and have a full Appsumo review.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a type of daily deals website that, was launched by Noah Kagan, an entrepreneur in 2010. AppASumo offers online services and sales digitally distributed items. It is the best marketer place for intrapreneurs, freelancers, and the online business world that offers services including buying digital products, selling different products, and learning courses.

Let’s jump into the little bit in Depth study of AppSumo and its review, to introduce you to this amazing daily deals-based website.

AppSumo services:

It offers mainly three basic Operations or services. As per Appsumo review we will discuss all of them.


This operation of AppSumo is its backbone in which it focuses on selling and dealing with digital tools. It offers daily deals.

What is a daily deal?

It is a type of eCommerce business, different websites display their products for a limited duration of about 24-36 hours, and potential customers approach the products by online registration. They receive any notification or invitation whenever a new offer is available.
After the launching of AppSumo, it just focused on digitals tools marketing and selling. Such as Saas apps that are offering lifetime deals.

It includes the selling of digital products that, includes Software, documents, files, ebooks, graphics, videos, and different types of tools.
If we go into its categories, you can buy all the tools, software, and must-haves related to the following categories.

How does it work?

It is a legit website that can save tons of your money. The best thing is, it is budget-friendly. The best aspect of AppSumo is it provides all the items with 90% off from its original price. Can You believe this?

AppSumo offers budget-friendly offers to its followers are called Sumo-lings.
It offers its lifetime deal every weak at a low price; which is a mini fraction of the budget that you would pay annually.

Shocking but effective price gap:

It offers software or anything of your demand with a great price gap from the original price. Let’s take an example. You bought PromoRepublic software for $468 from the official website of the PromoRepublic. The same item you can buy at a cheap cost of $49 through AppSumo for a lifetime. The difference in price gap is evident.
The deals are budget-friendly, so stock out within a short time limit.

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AppsSumo briefcase:

If you are an entrepreneur and you have gone a swap of different, research to find plenty of tools to help you in your business. But it takes tons of money to buy all one by one, and plenty of money is, spent on individual subscriptions.

You can avail AppSumo briefcase; to get rid of this problem by signing in for a quarterly subscription. In this way, you can access dozen of tools, and they will add tools; within the briefcase for one subscription only. So it can prove the best suitcase for entrepreneurs to start up a business at a low price.

Briefcase working?

Its works by publicizing new products made by different companies that are still not much popular in the online business world. So, it proves profitable for AppSumo, consumer, and product creator.

Product creators; negotiate with AppSumo; by giving a limited number of different products, they get visibility for their products, audience, and advertising.

AppSumo adds these products in the form of AppSumo briefcase, and customers get it based on come first and get first. Briefcase includes tools related to:
⦁ Accounting
⦁ Client management
⦁ Content
⦁ HR
⦁ Lead Generation
⦁ Legal
⦁ Marketing
⦁ Productivity
⦁ Sales
⦁ Security
⦁ Social Media
⦁ Stock Photo
⦁ Supports
⦁ Web Development
⦁ WordPress
⦁ Data and analytics
⦁ Design
⦁ Ecommerce
⦁ Education

AppSumo is also adding tools related to Video editing, webinar, and proposal writing. You can get them when any “Hot offer” is active.

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Steps to access briefcase:

⦁ Account creation
⦁ Choosing a product from a category
⦁ Product license activation
⦁ You can watch tutorials for this on AppSumo Official website.

AppSumo Freebies :

AppSumo offers some software and digitals tools as Freebies. These are free. You can access them by checking AppSumo Freebies and registration for notifications and invitations. Instead of software, AppSumo Freebies also offer short courses which can you skyrocket your online business. Free ebooks and informative PDFs are also part of Freebies. Streamskill, SEO checklist, and stream skills are, also included in Freebies.

AppSumo Review

It’s very tricky to win Freebies because there are millions of people waiting to grab this. Claim deals as soon as possible because once the code is expired or gone, this chance will never come back.

But there are some exceptions like Clickminded and DepsitePhotos which can come back. You must make sure that you have subscribed to the AppSumo newsletter. Notice when they send notifications or emails around black Friday.

Coupon codes:

You can find 10% off coupons through their newsletter, sometimes just by subscribing new company, will get a 10% off coupon code.
To get a 10% coupon code every single time, but for this, you must be a member of AppSumo Briefcase or AppSumo Plus.

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AppSumo Plus:

Appsumo review For example; AppSumo Plus means for $99 in a year, you will get 10% off for every AppSumo deal, and you avail of news deals, additional training, and a pro license.
But if you have to get your money back, you have to buy at least two AppSumo deals/month. So, AppSumo Plus is not much fascinating compared to AppSumo’s briefcase.
You can join AppSumo Plus by clicking on the JOIN PLUS button at the top of the page.

Tips to buy, AppSumo lifetime deals:

⦁ Stay in touch with AppSumo.
⦁ Claim as soon as possible.
⦁ Profound research about the deal
⦁ Make a mind first either you will use most of the tools in a briefcase or not.

Deals and Status

Its deals include lifetime deals, annual, freebie, subscription, digital download, and all types of deal types.
Its status includes current, pending, expired, and all.
AppSumo review team checks all the deals before selling them to customers.

You can check the AppSumo message on the official website once the deal is expired or the code is gone.

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You can sell your project on AppSumo:

⦁ You can display your products like SaaS, ebooks, template library, course, plugins, and Pdf.
⦁ You can outreach entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, founders, and histories.
⦁ You can earn as much as you want just by contacting Sumo-lings.
⦁ It will provide your brand exposure through an email distribution list, social media followers, affiliate networks, and influencers.
⦁ It will explore new ways to use your products by the global audience

To sell your products through app sumo, go to AppSumo’s official website, click on the SELL ON APPSUMO option on top. A new window will pop up, where you can find the Start Selling button and then login.

Learning online courses :

AppSumo Review

AppSumo also sell online course-related online working like

⦁ How to create content
⦁ How to create online courses
⦁ SEO optimization
⦁ On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO
⦁ App Store optimization
⦁ Social media marketing courses
⦁ The podcast and webinar related courses
⦁ Brand acceleration
⦁ Adobe Photoshop
⦁ Teachable courses
⦁ How to run your own business with less budget

There is a long list of courses offered by AppSumo. You can find them on AppSumo’s official website.
As in the case of deals, the same is the case with courses. You have to win you; deal first if you want to access it.
It has different conditions related to every course.


In this Appsumo review article, I will discuss company details. It is a sister company; of AppSumo that was launched by AppSumo to help grow the online business by selling marketing tools. It shares 50% of the selling profit with AppSumo.

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Pros And Cons:

When I am writing about Appsumo review then it’s very important to discuss the pros and cons of Appsumo.

AppSumo pros:

⦁ Briefcase with dozens of software
⦁ How-know with new business tools
⦁ Affordable price
⦁ Time-saving
⦁ Guaranteed money back
⦁ Its support is fast, accurate and the team is co-operative.

AppSumo Cons:

⦁ All tools are mostly not used.
⦁ Deals are available for a limited duration of time.
⦁ Freebies; limited time.
⦁ Wastage of time for understanding which is not required
⦁ Sometimes they don’t return the money.
⦁ You can’t post a bad review.


You can avail of buying software and digital products with 90% off and mega discounts through AppSumo Deals. You can enjoy AppSumo Freebies for free. Its briefcase with dozen of products in it is unbeatable.
And the products are a hundred percent real and are effective; for a lifetime. Then, Why should we waste money. Let’s make hay when the sun shines. It is a helpful website you must avail it.I hope you get a very good idea in this Appsumo review article about the full operation of Appsumo

FAQs about AppSumo:

Can we trust AppSumo?

Yes, of course, you can. It is a legit website. It can save tons of your precious money and plenty of your precious time. If you have any doubt about; the lifetime deals, daily deals of AppSumo, want an honest opinion, you can visit the profitable tools channel on youtube. It gives a 100% real and unbiased opinion about most of AppSumo’s digital products.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, AppSumo offers a money-back guarantee within a limit of 60 days from when you purchased the deal.
But most of its products have solid visibility and are trustworthy. So, mostly you don’t need to claim money back.

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